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Calendar 2017

Date   Event
01-Jan New Year's Day
06-Jan Matric Results
16-Jan Boarders Come To the BE
17-Jan Heritage Academy Term 1 Begins
31-Jan Prents Meeting (High School) @ 17:30
02-Feb Prents Meeting (Primary School) @ 17:30
03-05-Feb Grade 12 Leadership Camp
09-Feb Parents Meeting (Grade 12) @ 17:30
10-Feb Valentine's Day Fundraiser (Primary School)
15-17-Feb Grade 4-11 Excursion
24-Feb Book Character Day
02-Mar Grade 8 Parents Meeting @ 17:30
02-Mar Grade 9 Parents Meeting @ 17:30
17-Mar Crazy Hair Day
20-Mar School Holiday
21-Mar Human Rights Day
30-Mar Grade 12 Fundraiser
31-Mar End Of Term 1
14-Apr Good Friday
17-Apr Family Day
18-Apr HA Term 2 Begins
21-Apr Inerhouse Netball / Soccer
22-Apr Earth Day
27-Apr Freedom Day
28-Apr School Holiday
01-May Worker's Day
05-May Interhouse Netball / Soccer
10-May Primary School Speecha nd Drama
12-May Primary School Swiming Gala
26-May Dad's Braai
02-Jun Interhouse Netball / Soccer
03-Jun Mom's Breakfast
05-Jun HA Internal Exams (05/06/2017 - 15/06/2017)
16-Jun Youth Day
17-Jun Father's Day
23-Jun Interhouse Netball / soccer - Finals
29-Jun JP - Botanical Gardens Visit
23-Jun HA Term 2 Ends
24-Jul HA Boarders Return
25-Jul Term 3 Starts
08-Aug Woman's Day Celebration
09-Aug National Woman's Day
10-11-Aug Grade 1-3 Excursions
11-Aug Matric Dinner
18-Aug Enterpreneurs Day - Grade 7
25-Aug Athletics Day - Grade 4-12
01-Sep Spring Day - Primary School Fundraiser
04-Sep Matric Trials (04-15/09/2017)
13-Sep Roald Dahl Day - Primary School
24-Sep Heritage Day
25-Sep School Holiday
29-Sep HA Term 3 Ends
05-Oct World Teacher's Day
10-Oct HA Term 4 Starts
12-Oct Sport Awards @ 18:00
20-Oct Grade 12 Final Assembly
26-Oct Grade 7 Dinner @ 18:00
06-Nov HA Internal Exams (06-17/11/2017)
05-Dec Grade 6 Botanical Gardens Visit
07-Dec HA Term 4 Ends - Final Assembly (PS/HS)
16-Dec Day Of Reconcilliation
25-Dec Christmas Day
26-Dec Day Of Goodwill

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