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The very meaning of "academy" gives the school's purpose - a place of special training and learning and learning the greater lessons of life and of God - (more than just academics). We walk in the inheritance that God has given those who walk by faith. To inherit the earth for the Kingdom! The idea of a heritage or an inheritance is a rich and recurring theme in Scripture, such as:

  1. 1.Children are said in Psalm 127:4 to be a "heritage from the Lord". Through Heritage Academy we want to make both parents and children aware of just how precious a heritage our children are.
  1. 2.God said that He would give the nations to His people as their inheritance. We want to set before the students of Heritage Academy a long-term vision and goal for their lives: that of maturing in Christ and becoming Christian leaders that will take the nations for Him.
  1. 3.The great doctrines of the Protestant and evangelical faith, which ultimately come together in the Gospel itself, form a heritage which we have from the past, which influences and directs us in the present, and on which we build for the future. Jude (verse 4) urged Christians in the first century to "contend for the faith once and for all delivered unto the saints".  It was that faith, rediscovered by Luther, Calvin and others, which gave impetus to the Reformation, which has triggered and driven the great missionary thrusts through the decades and centuries, and which needs to be passed on to our children for the building of the Church of Jesus Christ for the future.

Heritage Academy is more than just your average school; our desire is for the children to grow up strong, and acknowledge Jesus as King!

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