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Our Staff

StaffMrs Mthunzi
All our teachers are Christians who can testify to a personal relationship with God through Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit and who believe they are at the school out of obedience to God's call on their lives. Our staff strive to create nurturing, creative and stable environments for the learners within which to learn and to develop in areas other than pure academics. Ongoing training of staff takes place through regular staff development sessions.

Parent involvement
The responsibility for a child's education rests primarily with parents and guardians - the school is merely an extension of the home in that respect, an institution to which parents have entrusted part of the responsibility for that education. Our desire is to see increased parent involvement and to move towards providing appropriate enrichment seminars and workshops for them.
Dad's Braai

The Board
Heritage Academy was founded by people with strong convictions, a spirit of adventure and a big vision of what is possible in God's strength when motivation comes from Him. These qualities have been present in our Board members throughout the years of the school's existence. The Board still comprises decision-makers with vision who are constantly thinking ahead, maintain a close, hands-on relationship with the school and work in close collaboration with the school's management team.

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