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Our Vision



From the principal

A child spends many hours at school each day often spending more time at school than the contact time with his/her parents. It is therefore very important that parents carefully consider the school that they send their child to. Does the school embody the values and beliefs that the parents desire for their children?

Heritage Academy believes strongly that “all education, whether secular or Christian is essentially religious, in this sense: Both by what it says, teaches or does, and by what it does not say, teach or do, it promotes allegiance to a god or kingdom, and promotes a way of thinking and of living. There is no such thing as neutrality. Education is always the education of some kingdom, by that kingdom, for that kingdom.”

At Heritage Academy we believe in excellence in all areas. We endeavour to provide the kind of education which will develop your child holistically to become a person that God intended him/her to be, equipped to face the challenges that this world brings, and to be leaders in every sphere of society.

We believe in education that is relevant, and providing children with opportunities to impact communities and nations. In a world that is crying out for strong, accountable leaders, Heritage Academy is training young leaders in servant leadership. Our Prefects are expected to set an example by assisting others. They gladly take on the responsibility of caring for others.

If you want your child to be educated with excellence in a school that is rooted in the Word of God, then Heritage Academy is the school to choose.

Heritage Academy has a vision of young South Africans with passion in their eyes being educated at the highest standards and released to bring about change that has eternal value in the real world.

Our purpose is to provide an educational programme permeated with Biblical truth, to foster vital Christian living and to promote the highest of academic standards, such as our consistent excellent matric pass rate over the past few years.

Heritage Academy is in the people business and can make a significant contribution to the future of our country by training the leaders of tomorrow in excellence in all things. We envision our learners to leave Heritage Academy as adventurous, spirited people who:

are strong in their faith,Library
are sure-footed,
take initiative,
go the extra mile,
are servant leaders,
have passion for life.



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